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Meet Dr. John DeWitt

Dr Dewitt HeadshotUpon reflecting on his remarkable journey, Dr. DeWitt shared, “I earned a full football scholarship at Vanderbilt University,” marking the beginning of a career that would span twelve years in professional football. This period was crucial in shaping his future path. He recalled, “All of the teams I played for had chiropractors that would adjust players in the locker room before games.” It was during these moments that the seeds of his second career were sown.

His encounter with Dr. Rich Soria, a chiropractor in Orange County, was particularly influential. Dr. DeWitt recounted, “After talking to Dr. Soria, I realized the power of proper spinal alignment and nutrition.” The knowledge imparted by Dr. Soria was profound, revealing how “pressure on the nerves of the spine can slow reaction times and the process of healing.” Experiencing these effects himself was a turning point, as he confessed, “Once I experienced these effects firsthand, I was hooked.”

Switching Career to Chiropractic

His decision to switch careers was driven by a deep-seated desire to share these benefits with others.

I realized I had to become a chiropractor to provide the life-changing benefits I had experienced.

His philosophy was encapsulated by Coach Steve Watterson’s words, which Dr. DeWitt often quotes: “You have to consider your body like a Ferrari. You wouldn’t put ‘bad’ gas in a Ferrari, would you?”

Holistic Approach

Dr. DeWitt’s holistic approach to health is not just about chiropractic care. He believes in the broader context of lifestyle choices impacting health, stating, “We truly are built to be healthy, throughout our lives, however, we sometimes make choices that hinder that from being the case.”

Beyond his chiropractic practice, Dr. DeWitt has contributed significantly to the field through his writings. He shared, “Throughout my studies on chiropractic and nutrition, I have written several helpful books.” His works provide valuable advice, ranging from “nutritional and exercise advice for improving vision to methods for improving golf-specific flexibility and strengthening in order to reduce injuries.”

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Dr. DeWitt’s story is one of transformation and dedication, driven by his personal experiences and the profound belief that, as B.J. Palmer said, “The preservation of health is easier than the cure of disease.” His commitment to helping people live full and healthy lives is not just his profession, but his passion.

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