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Massage Therapy in Meridian

Better Life Chiropractic now has a Massage Therapist as part of our health care team. Now you know us, we wouldn’t rush into hiring just anybody. We only get the best doctors and the best staff, and now we have brought onto our team a gifted Massage Therapist.

Our Massage Therapists

Junko Agena

Junko Agena,
Massage Therapist

Junko Agena | Massage Therapist

Born and raised in Japan, she has undergone extensive training and in the great state of Texas where she acquired her Massage license. And now she moves here to Meridian where she is delighting her clientele.

Of course, training and licensing doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have that “healing touch” and caring hands to match. Well, I can tell you whole heartedly that she has all of the above.

Photo of Tea, Massage Therapist

Tea, Massage Therapist

Tea Bruderer | Massage Therapist

Tea attended The Milan Institute of Allied Health. She enjoys doing different types of massage, for instance: Swedish (relaxation) massage, deep tissue, and also likes to incorporate passive joint movements/stretches into her sessions.

The favorite part of her job is to strategically figure out which muscles are contributing to pain, working them out, and then gradually contributing to her client’s recovery and success.

Amanda Appling, Massage Therapist

Amanda, Massage Therapist

Amanda Appling | Massage Therapist

Amanda Appling attended the Massage Therapy program at the Monterey Institute Of Touch in Carmel Valley, CA, and has been on the Better Life team since March 2018.

Amanda has solid understanding of functional anatomy and advanced training in Sports Massage, TriggerPoint Therapy, and Lymphatic Drainage.

She prides herself in being an advocate for self care as well as continuing education, with a natural ability to tailor her technique and pressure according to each patients’ individual needs.

Massage, when it is combined with chiropractic care can be an unbeatable team.

Massage, when it is combined with chiropractic care can be an unbeatable team.

Boise Area Residents, Don’t Feel Guilty About Getting that Massage!

Every muscle in your body hurts and you’re just aching to get a massage, but it seems like such an extravagance in terms of money and time. Yet, many different activities make up a good wellness routine and massage is just one of those elements in addition to nutrition, exercise and chiropractic care. So don’t feel guilty when you call to schedule that massage!

Physical, mental and emotional health benefits of massage:

  • Massage improves the circulation of oxygen-carrying blood to the extremities and helps in eliminate wastes from the body
  • Massage breaks down myofascial adhesions that can lead scar tissue and chronic pain.
  • Massage relaxes you, relieves stress and anxiety, and supports feelings of general wellbeing
  • Massage works with your chiropractic care to retrain muscles that support your spine
  • Massage helps in managing the pain associated with certain physical conditions, such as arthritis and sciatica
  • Massage serves to either stimulate or relax the nervous system, depending on the type of massage being administered
  • Massage may have an effect on weight loss it helps to burst fat capsules and the fat is reabsorbed into the bloodstream

Just keep in mind that a massage is not a substitute for chiropractic care! Although the two may work in conjunction with one another, massage provides “feel good” therapy while chiropractic adjustments keep your nervous system functioning properly. That’s far more important than a temporary “feel good” luxury! Call our Meridian office today to schedule your massage. Better Life Chiropractic


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