Frequently Asked Questions

Below are many of the questions we hear most at Better Life Chiropractic. If you have other questions not addressed here, call us. We’re here to answer your questions and make you feel comfortable and at home with your chiropractic care.

What will this cost?

Patients are often concerned about cost containment, and we are too. We will never recommend anything other than what’s necessary for you.

We work for the good of the patient. First we’ll find your problem and put together a plan to help. We are aware of cost and don’t recommend more than you need. We are very clear about costs up front and provide you with payment options – you can divide fees into payments or pay up front.

Will you help with insurance?

Yes. We are in-network with most insurance carriers and we will do a courtesy benefit check for you

Can you identify my problem? And what if you cannot help me?

We answer these questions thoroughly on your first visit

After performing an examination, we can tell you if we can help. We won’t provide care that won’t help you. And we’ll refer you to a medical doctor or another specialist if we think that’s best in your case.

Do I have choices?

Certainly, you do. We’ll recommend a care plan we think is best for you, after gathering a thorough understanding of your case and condition. You can then choose the care you want. Sometimes, patients choose simply to receive relief care.

You always have a choice – it’s never our way or the highway. If you are only able to receive relief care initially, know that you can come back later. Our door is always open.

Will it hurt?

Our adjustments are very comfortable. Uncomfortable adjustments have not been an issue in our office.

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