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Meet The Team at Better Life Chiropractic

Get to Know Our Office Team

taitum photo

Taitum, Front Desk

“Taitum is super energetic!” says Dr. Strickland. She is always happy and has a big friendly smile. She helps direct traffic flow within the office, will check you in and out, will schedule your appointments, and arranges payments with you.

pamela photo

Pamela, New Patient Assistant

Hello! My name is Pamela! I am the New Patient Coordinator at Better Life Chiropractic. As you begin your journey to better health, I will be happy to help you with getting appointments scheduled, communicating with our doctors, your insurance, and ensuring that everything is taken care of smoothly for you!

brianna photo

Brianna, Front Desk

Brianna helps run the flow of the office, assisting with check-in and check-out. She loves our patients and is always eager to help, also assisting with therapies, re-exams, and x-rays. She keeps the office smiling and running smooth and is always happy to help.

Kylie Robinson

Kylie Robinson, Chiropractic Assistant

Kylie is a Chiropractic Assistant here at Better Life Chiropractic. Kylie now works to make laser appointments run smoothly and loves getting to be a part of improving patients pain and quality of life. She also assists in doing other modalities such as spinal decompression, X-rays, and computerized nerve tests.

marcie photo

Marcie Ganier, Softwave Technician

With over 20 years experience as an occupational therapist, Marcie is thrilled to be using her expertise to assist with softwave treatments. She has always had a passion for helping others in their health journey.

junko photo

Junko Agena, Massage Therapist

Born and raised in Japan, she has undergone extensive training in the great state of Texas where she acquired her Massage license. And now she moved here to Meridian where she is delighting her massage therapy clientele. Of course, training and licensing doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have that “healing touch” and caring hands to match. Well, I can tell you wholeheartedly that she has all of the above.

Tea Bruderer, Massage Therapist

Tea Bruderer, Massage Therapist

Tea attended The Milan Institute of Allied Health. She enjoys doing different types of massage, for instance: Swedish (relaxation) massage, deep tissue, and also likes to incorporate passive joint movements/stretches into her sessions. The favorite part of her job is to strategically figure out which muscles are contributing to pain, working them out, and then gradually contributing to her client’s recovery and success.


Joanna Fairchild, Massage Therapist

Joanna studied at The Idaho School of Massage Therapy and has been massaging for nearly 20 years. She loves providing trigger point therapy, swedish, and reflexology. Joanna enjoys being able to help her clients feel better, relax and relieve stress.

Katlyn Franciscovich

Katlyn Franciscovich, Community Outreach Coordinator

She is our Community Outreach coordinator. Please make a place for her under the team. Her job description:

As our dedicated Community Outreach Coordinator, Katlyn plays a pivotal role in strengthening our connections within the community through her active participation in various local events. She orchestrates a range of corporate health initiatives, including health fairs, spinal screenings, and complimentary chair massage events, all aimed at promoting wellness and health awareness. Collaborating closely with local businesses, charities, and HR departments, she tailors our outreach efforts to effectively serve their unique needs. Additionally, Katlyn is passionate about supporting youth organizations by assisting them in organizing fundraisers, further showcasing our commitment to community health and well-being.

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