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Meridian Chiropractor, Fascial Distortion Model

Better Life Chiropractic are FDM Practitioners, read more about this technique and how it can help you!

The FDM Model:

We have identified six different types of fascial distortions that all contain their own distinct form of correction. Experiences of discomfort during treatment should be expected although in most cases the patient is able to acknowledge that the discomfort during treatment ‘hurts good’.

  • Injury
  • Physical Asessment
  • FDM Treatment
  • Road to Recovery

Treatments can include ironing out fascial seams, smoothing out fascial coils, reversing fascial transition zones on attachment points, minimizing protruding tissue through fascial planes, unfolding and refolding fascial folds and releasing fixated joints. The patient’s presentation along with the FDM assessment will dictate and identify the type of fascial distortion involved and the proper corrective technique will then be utilized.


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