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Meet Dr. Jeremy Wagnon

“Can Chiropractic Help My Son with Daily Headaches?”

Dr jeremy photoThis was the question that started me in my chiropractic journey. My mother was seeing a chiropractor after an auto accident for neck pain. After a few months of care, she brought up the fact that her son (me) had terrible daily headaches.

I would sit in the hallway when they were severe enough and slam the back of my head repeated into the wall behind me. This would temporarily provide me with pain relief or at least a distraction. She was surprised when the chiropractor said that she has seen “headbangers” before, and that those kids usually respond very well to chiropractic care.

It only took me one adjustment to realize the power of chiropractic. I remember having a mild headache during my first visit, which I knew was on its way to becoming severe. After my first adjustment though, the headache was gone. I have never had those headaches since that day. I kept going as my chiropractor suggested, and soon my father, brother and sisters were all under chiropractic care.

I have been intrigued with chiropractic since the age of 10. My first experience was so powerful for me that I made it my life’s purpose to bring chiropractic to others as it was brought to me.


Education & Training

After graduating from the University of Georgia for my undergraduate education, I attended Chiropractic school at Life University. They taught me that chiropractic care is powerful at removing symptoms, but that the real magic behind the profession is what happens when you continue care beyond symptom relief. Since the Nervous System Controls and Coordinates all functions in the body, chiropractic care enhances the Nervous System’s ability to work without interference. When this happens, not only do symptoms alleviate, but improvements in other areas start to happen as well. Chiropractic is unique in that it has the potential to improve the body even when symptoms are not present.

My first adjustment changed the course of my life forever. My mission is to provide an opportunity for others to experience this as well. The Nervous System controls and coordinates all functions in the body. Keeping your spine healthy and your nervous system functioning properly should be part of everyone’s health plan. By keeping my spine and nervous system working at an optimum level, my headaches never came back since I was 10 years old. I have also noticed other improvements in my health that go beyond decreasing symptoms. There is tremendous power in one single adjustment, but the real key to getting the most out of care is continuing to keep your spine healthy. To get the full benefit of care as I have, everyone should adopt chiropractic care as a healthy habit.

My wife and I, along with our beautiful son live in Meridian, Idaho. We love living here. The mountains are just around the corner. We both enjoy winter snowboarding and look forward to warm weather cycling, camping, and hiking as a family. My main priority as a husband and father, is to keep my family healthy. I keep my family under regular chiropractic care, and we stay on the periphery of the grocery store for the majority of our shopping. My wife and I know our son is always watching, so we lead by example making sure that we are creating an environment that is positive, healthy, and fun.

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