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  • Great first visit. Loved that I could do intake paperwork online! (Aug 2018)

    -Mark M.
  • I am just glad there may be a much fuller, pain-free life ahead … so I can keep up with my younger husband and eventual grandkids!! (Oct 2018)

    -Melanie P.
  • Everything was fantastic. (Nov 2015)

    -Edwin R.
  • Everyone has a positive attitude and acknowledges you when you first walk in the door. (April 2015)

    -Ellen H.
  • I was very happy with my visit all the staff was nice and made me feel comfortable, thank you. (Aug. 2018)

    -Charity C.
  • Dr. Jeremy is great, and I will continue to see him for lower back pain during my pregnancy. (May 2019)

    -Ivy N.
  • Dr. Price seemed to really care about my issues. Very impressed with the time he took to explain things to me. Very nice staff. (May 2019)

    -Lory K.
  • Thank you so much, Jermy. I haven’t felt this good in months. (Aug 2018)

    -Rache S.
  • Loved my first visit! Thank you for listening to my horrible jokes and making me feel at home! I am confident I can be helped! (Jan 2019)

    -Shauna P.
  • Y’all are awesome!!! Best chiropractor experience I’ve had! (Mar 2019)

    -Joanna S.
  • Dr. Wagner was amazing! He was personable, extremely helpful, and went above and beyond. He took such good care of me through the entire first experience. I am definitely coming back! (Dec. 2018)

    -Irma N.
  • Have been very helpful in my health recovery. (Nov. 2014)

    -Evelyn S
  • I have been having excellent results with the adjustments I have received to date. (May 2015)

    -Kathy B.
  • Dr. Price was awesome!! Made me feel very welcome and answered all my questions. Will definitely be back to see him. (Dec 2018)

    -Cheryl C.
  • Thank you for the warm and inviting atmosphere. Your staff was all very friendly and approachable. Great job! (Nov 2018)

    -Pam S.
  • The staff and Dr. Wagnon are amazing. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and really care about making sure I understand the conversation and next steps of the process. (Feb 2019)

    -Rachele T.
  • I look forward to my appointments with you all! (Feb 2018)

    -Tiffany V.
  • Thank you for everything, excited to feel better. (April 2015)

    -Jake S.
  • Dr. Wagnon is great!! (Feb 2019)

    -Lisa S.
  • Very nice staff and were very helpful and professional! (March 2016)

    -Michael C.
  • The Dr is very knowledgeable in all the medical issues I have. I feel very comfortable with him and look forward to the changes he can help me make in my life. (Feb 2019)

    -Mandle C.
  • I am excited about my next visit! Dr. Wagnon is very knowledgeable and professional. I am confident that he will help me with my back pain, and nutrition. (April 2019)

    -Alyssa V.
  • Looking forward to hearing more about a treatment plan. The explanation of each step was helpful. (Sept. 2018)

    -Stephanie R.
  • Dr. Price is wonderful! (April 2015)

    -Cherie H.
  • Everyone was very nice and helpful. (Aug. 2018)

    -Jan C.
  • Had an amazing experience for my first visit. All of the staff was very helpful and open about my assessment and explaining how the process works to me. (Jan 2019)

    -Victoria P.
  • Excited to get my report and Care Plan so I can move forward with hopefully feeling better (April 2019)

    -Jake L.
  • Very friendly & I felt comfortable & at ease. Easy to talk to. Seemed very knowledgeable. Overall initial opinion: Excellent!! (Oct. 2018)

    -Mickie L.

Extremely Welcoming Environment!

Such an extremely welcoming environment! I could tell it was busy but everyone that helped me didn’t seem to let it phase them. They didn’t shorten my time with them when it seemed to get busy, which I really appreciated. I feel amazing, and can’t wait to go back!
Stephanie L. (Dec 2018)

Kind and Informative

Selena was amazing! I’ve only been to two Chiropractic practices and this one was by far more exceptional. Kind and informative but most importantly after my first visit I am feeling so much better! Thank you so much!!
Chimena C. (July 2018)

Getting Back to Fully Healthy

Thank you for helping me feel better! Looking forward to working with you and getting back to fully healthy!
Sara G. (July 2018)

Great Atmosphere

Everyone is awesome and so very friendly!!! Great atmosphere! They make you feel very welcome. So glad I came in!!
Joanna C. (March 2018)

Thanks to All

So glad to find such a wonderful Chiropractor so close to home. Thanks to all at #BetterLifeChiropractic especially Dr. Braman! Donna B (March 2018)

Felt Very Comfortable

I felt very comfortable my whole visit and just felt the practice and staff were VERY professional! I will be returning. Lequaya H (February 2018)

Very informative and helpful!

I really appreciate the fact that the receptionist told me over the phone that they would request my X-rays from my previous chiropractor in Texas so that I wouldn’t be exposed to more radiation. Also, the staff and Dr. Strickland make you feel right at home.
Kim C (October 2016)

Appreciated Time Invested In Educating

Dr. Price was very thorough and professional. Appreciated the time he invested in educating me in the process and his honesty in what he feels he can do for me.
Lisa C (March 2016)

Professional Environment

I was very impressed with the professionalism and environment at Better Life Chiropractic. I will definitely be referring many friends and family to Better Life Chiropractic. Thank you so much!
Cheth W (March 2016)

Very informative and helpful!

My first visit was very informative and helpful! The staff was very friendly and I really appreciated Dr. Vance ‘s thorough explanation of my diagnosis.
Tammy C (February 2016)

Appreciated Detailed Explanation

I very much appreciated how intuitive Dr. Price is and the detailed explanation of his every move.
April J (October 2015)

First Adjustment

I felt like walking on a cloud when I had my first adjustment. Never had one before. The experience Dr. Price has made me feel secure and confident that my condition will get better.
Yolanda M (June 2015)


Thanks very much. I am a repeat patient from 10 years prior and I knew your practice would be just what I needed.
Geoffrey F (April 2015)

Two Thumbs Up

I appreciate BLC’s dedication to overcoming a very persistent state of injury. The doctors continued to treat me as needed, over and above the number and depth of treatments agreed to in my treatment package. They did what was best for me, and not what was best for their bottom line. Two thumbs up!
Diane R. (April 2015)

Way Better

Because I started getting regular chiropractic care I did not have to go back to a neurologist for seizures and headaches. All my sports injuries were healed in half the time as I was able to get back to training much quicker. My adrenal system was shot and now back to normal, Andys whole well being is balanced and way better than I’ve ever felt before any injuries.
Amber H (April 2015)

Helped Us Feel Better

My husband and I have had the best experience at Better Life! It has helped us feel so much better in every way and even fix things we didn’t know could be fixed with chiropractic care! The doctors and staff our awesome! Dr. Price is always educating us on what he’s doing and how it works! Would recommend Better Life to anyone!
Faith H (December 2014)

I Knew I Mattered

I have worked in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. I am familiar with Dr.’s offices and scheduling. I just have to say that while I had to wait, initially, at my first appointment it did not upset me. When I met with my Dr. he took time and sat down with me and asked me questions and explained everything to me. I knew that I mattered, and I knew that he took the same time with patients before me as well. The office staff has been amazing as well. I have a crazy work schedule and they are not only super friendly but very accommodating. Last but definitely not least, my massage therapists have been great! I was hesitant to see the chiropractor and especially to drive all the way to Meridian, as I live and work in Caldwell, but my experience has been amazing. I tell all my friends and family what a great place Better Life is and how it is already making a difference in my life. Thank You!!!!
Mandi G (June 2013)

Worth Trying

I am apprehensive on the overall expensive and whether my condition will be corrected permanently but I feel that with Dr. Price it is worth trying.
Barbara S (July 2013)

Very Professional

The business is very professional from the time you walk in until the time you leave, with very friendly and helpful staff. Shreeve K (July 2013)

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