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How Chiropractic Can Help the Entire Family

Family smiling outside in fallBecause of the profound effect chiropractic care can have on a person’s health, we believe everyone deserves to be adjusted from the womb to the tomb or from birth to earth!

One of our greatest passions at Better Life Chiropractic is to see entire families come in for chiropractic care and reap the myriad benefits that come with it.

Our goal is to help your family feel their best and prevent future health problems.

Benefits for All Ages

From days-old newborns to active octogenarians, family members of all ages can benefit from chiropractic care. Children can get help for issues like colic, ear infections, and sleep problems, and adults with back pain, neck pain, and headaches can get relief. For seniors, chiropractic can help improve balance and mobility, reducing the risk of falls and injuries.

Why Does a Baby Need to See a Chiropractor?

While a baby will not experience back pain like an adult, they often experience trauma due to the birth process. Sometimes that trauma would include forceps or suction, or sometimes no interventions are used, but it’s just a rough process for them coming out.

Some studies show 90% of infants at birth will have upper cervical subluxations that can go unnoticed. As a result, newborns can experience issues like failure to thrive syndrome, respiratory distress syndrome, and lack of strong immunity. Little ones might have a sniffly nose, ear infections, or become colicky.

Probably just over half of the kids we see don’t have symptoms, but the rest are brought in because of a specific issue. For example, an infant may have torticollis, and prefer to turn their head to one side, or they’re not latching well because they may have jaw or upper neck problems. Other babies have colic, and they’re crying a lot and inconsolable. Then when we adjust them, they get better. That’s because chiropractic works!

Patient Success Stories

Natural help for ear infections

One of our youngest patients, an infant just a few months old, was getting ear infections. Understanding the importance of a healthy spine, the mom brought her child in. We adjusted the baby and the child got better.

No more bedwetting

A mom brought her 12-year-old son in, who had been wetting his bed nightly. She asked if we could help. After the doctor examined him, he recognized that the child’s spine needed some chiropractic care. As we started to work on him, the boy gradually got better. This young patient has been into his chiropractic care program for about four months, and he hardly wets the bed anymore.

Every day, we are honored to provide care to kids that allows them to flourish!

What to Expect

Typically, families come to their appointments together, as it’s more convenient for the mom or dad to bring the kids when they come in. Often, the children will argue about who gets to go first! Usually, we’ll adjust the child who volunteers first, and then the other kids. Many times, younger ones, such as infants and toddlers, will lie on Mom or Dad’s tummy or lap, if they’re not comfortable with lying on the table or sitting on the doctor’s lap.

Posture Support

Given the epidemic of tech neck in kids and teens, we give every child instructions on maintaining proper posture, specifically how to hold a cell phone and use a computer, how to stand up straight, and how to study with good posture.

Depending on their posture presentation, kids will get some home exercises to help correct postural issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should a family come in for care?

It depends on the stress of the individual. But for many people, once to twice a month seems to be a good rhythm. However, if a child falls out of a grocery cart or off a bed, or is starting to play sports, we might see them weekly to address whatever trauma or phase of life they’re going through.

Do you adjust kids differently from adults?

With children, we use gentle and effective methods, and there is no twisting or cracking. For infants, we use about the same amount of pressure applied when checking a tomato for ripeness.

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We look forward to helping you and your family achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Customized family care plans are available!


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