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Get Back to What You Love With Softwave Therapy

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Start healing today and feeling your best. Find out more!

If pain is sidelining you from what you love in life, and you don’t want to resort to OTC medication or painkillers to get relief, we invite you to try Softwave therapy (also referred to as Acoustic Shockwave Therapy) at Better Life Chiropractic.

This advanced treatment is used to stimulate the body’s natural self-repairing processes. The shock waves that our machine produces penetrate deep into damaged tissue. This action increases blood circulation and stem cell growth. The result: reduced pain and acute inflammation without producing any additional tissue damage.

How Does It Work?

The TRT Softwave machine works by tricking your body into thinking that a new injury has occurred. The membranes of your cells are then permeable, and mRNA is discharged from the damaged cells. mRNA then signals your body to circulate stem cells and other “biological responders” to speed up the cellular healing process.

Conditions It Can Address

Here are some issues that respond well to Softwave therapy:

  • Carpal tunnel
  • Tennis elbow
  • Low back pain
  • Hip bursitis

“Any kind of soft tissue or joint injury has a real chance to respond,” said Dr. Strickland.

What to Expect

You’ll first have a consultation, exam, and some imaging. Dr. Strickland will then recommend between six and eight treatments, depending on what’s brought you in. Each treatment takes on average about 15 minutes, with a larger area perhaps taking 25 minutes.

A Patient Success Story

One of Dr. Strickland’s patients had the worst case of plantar fasciitis he had ever seen. The patient had this painful condition for about five or six years, and had tried everything, including injections and medications, and nothing worked. That is until she came to the practice.

We treated her with Acoustic Shockwave Therapy, and at the end of her first six treatments, she remarked she was about 80% better. When Dr. Strickland saw her at the 90-day mark, she was 100% better! That was two years ago, and she still does not have plantar fasciitis.


Does Softwave therapy hurt?

The site we work on will feel a little tender. Patients usually tolerate the therapy well, but it is uncomfortable. After their first treatment, however, approximately 90% of patients immediately have improved range of motion and markedly less pain.

Do you provide reassessments?

Usually 90 days later, we do a final assessment to see how you’ve responded to the treatment.

Can this therapy treat ED?

Yes! The stem cells regenerate the penis tissue, which grows new blood vessels. Astoundingly, there’s an increase of 300% more new blood vessels with this therapy. Dr. Strickland uses Softwave therapy at Upward Regenerative Medicine Longevity & Aesthetics to treat ED.

Experience for Yourself the Effects of Softwave Therapy

If you’re ready to put pain in the past and feel your best, contact us today to book an appointment!

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