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Welcome to Better Life Chiropractic

We are the Preferred Meridian Chiropractors

At Better Life Chiropractic, patients are seen with problems ranging from the obvious like back and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ syndrome, bulging discs, and headaches to the less obvious conditions like asthma, stomach problems, ear-infections and so forth.

We work with people injured on the job, in automobile accidents, and at home. The one thing that we have noticed at Better Life Chiropractic in almost all of the patients that we have treated with major injuries is that the injuries were really accumulated trauma from years of neglect. Most of us wait until the pain is too much before seeking help. By then it is often too late to make a full recovery.

Our Chiropractors are empowered and passionate about using chiropractic care, spinal decompression & massage therapy as avenues to improve the health and wellness of everyone we meet. Our practice is committed and dedicated to caring for you and your families health challenges and helping everyone take ownership of their wellness. We just don’t want you to survive, we want you to thrive.

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