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Meridian Chiropractor : Dr. Nathan Olsen

Meridian Chiropractor, Dr. Nathan Olsen

Dr. Nathan Olsen with his family.

“After just a few treatments, I had my Mom back.”

That was my first experience with Chiropractic care. When I was a child my mother suffered for years with horrible, debilitating headaches. I remember her trying to raise six young kids while barely being able to function because of her headaches. Many times she would have to go to her room, turn out all the lights and lay down for hours to try to get rid of her migraines. I remember her sitting at the kitchen table while we ate dinner just holding her head in her hands with tears in her eyes. She was miserable and all the medical doctors could do for her was give her medication to hide the pain. These obviously had there own negative results on her as well.

After five years of suffering, my mom finally saw a Chiropractor and within just a few visits, the headaches were gone and I had my normal, happy, fun mom back again. This was an extremely powerful experience for me as a child as I saw first hand the limitations of medicine and the power of an adjustment on my mother. Years later, I learned that her chiropractic treatments not only resolved her headaches, but completely cleared up her menstrual problems she had had for years as well.

“I knew I wanted to be a Chiropractor.”

By the tenth grade in high school, after several positive experiences with chiropractic treatments myself for injuries sustained in sports, I knew that I wanted to be a chiropractor. I was amazed at how a spinal adjustment could have such a powerful effect on the body. I was also captivated by the philosophy that health comes from the inside out, that we shouldn’t be reliant on medications for most of our health concerns as they all have negative effects. This made perfect sense to me as a 15 year old and I wanted to be able to truly help people as my mom’s chiropractor had helped her.

Meridian Chiropractor : Education

After two years of missionary work in South Korea and upon completing my undergraduate work at Brigham Young University, I attended Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon. I was honestly surprised at how difficult and thorough my chiropractic education was. My chiropractic education further solidified my philosophy that health comes from the inside out, that if we just take care of our body properly, our body will take care of us. We are taught that we need to take good care of our heart, exercise, and eat well. We are taught to take good care of our teeth and eyes. However, we are never taught the importance of taking good care of our spine and nervous system. If people would just learn proper spinal hygiene through chiropractic care they could avoid the vast majority of chronic aches and pains, back pain, neck pain, headaches and many, many other health problems we experience through life.

Amazing Results with Chiropractic Care

The nervous system controls our entire body, every single function. All our nerves exit through our spinal column, through openings between each bone in our spine. If our spine is twisted, bent, or out of position in any way it can irritate or cause interference with the nerves exiting from that area. Wherever those irritated nerves go, we can experience dysfunction or problems. When a chiropractor restores proper positioning of the spine and removes the irritation or interference on the nerves then proper function can be restored and health problems disappear. I continue to be amazed daily at the incredible results that come from proper chiropractic treatment. It is incredibly gratifying to see people who have suffered for years, finally start chiropractic care and within a short time achieve great results and obtain normal function again. I am extremely grateful that I can now be the doctor helping people get their lives back just as a doctor, years ago helped my mother get hers.

Dr. Olsen and his Family

My wife and I along with our 5 children live in Boise, Idaho. We are a very active family that enjoys all sports and outdoor activities. We love the mountains and the energy nature brings. We are very active in our church activities and feel it is very important to take proper care of our spiritual side as well as our physical. I am a sports enthusiast and love the “escape” competition brings.

I personally receive regular chiropractic treatments, at a minimum of once per week, to maintain proper function. Being a chiropractor is a very physical occupation and it is vital that I take proper care of myself so I can give the best care to my patients. My wife and kids receive maintenance care as needed. We eat extremely healthy and try to avoid processed foods as much as possible. We make sure we have plenty of fruits and vegetables for our kids to snack on instead of junk food. I think you can tell how healthy your eating habits are by looking in your pantry – If it is full of boxed or pre-packaged foods, then you are probably eating too many processed foods. I also feel every person should be taking an omega 3 fatty acid supplement. I think that omega 3 fatty acids are the most underused and most vital supplement we should be taking daily.

Thank you for visiting our site and being proactive in your choice for health care. I hope this site has been informative for you and helped you understand what we do as chiropractors and how chiropractic care can be so beneficial for so many people. Please take the time to call our Meridian office today and schedule a time for you and your family to be checked. It may be the most important health choice you make for your family. I look forward to seeing you.


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